"An Unreasonable Course of Action, Reasonably Pursued"
October 2000
Videotape emulsion on photo paper on painted wall
96 x 120 in.
"An Unreasonable Course of Action, Reasonably Pursued" was a temporary, site-specific wall installation and performance piece created by Will Holub at the Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe, Inc., Santa Fe, NM. Over a three week period in October 2000, Holub glued 10,000 one-inch square photo paper fragments marked with videotape emulsion to a 96" x 120" hand-drawn grid on the main gallery wall. Throughout the work's execution, Holub interacted with visitors to the gallery and lectured to school groups. After a completion reception, Holub scraped the fragments off the wall in the tradition of a Tibetan sand mandala.

©2000 Will Holub. Photograph by James Hart.