ALWAYS THEREALWAYS THERE (detail)HIGH TOPHIGH TOP (detail)OCTAGONOCTAGON (detail)Star ShieldStar Shield (detail)White Shield (small)White Shield (small) detailTom (Suite for Four Dead Friends)Tom (Suite for Four Dead Friends) detailTim (Suite for Four Dead Friends)Tim (Suite for Four Dead Friends) detailHugh (Suite for Four Dead Friends)Hugh (Suite for Four Dead Friends) detailWolf (Suite for Four Dead Friends) 
1987-2019Wolf (Suite for Four Dead Friends) detail
1987 -2019RifleUntitled (Silver Blue Shield with Light Bulb)Untitled (Silver Blue Shield with Light Bulb) detailThe Lady HackThe Lady Hack (detail)Untitled (Silver Foil)Untitled (Recycled Markings)Untitled (Recycled Markings) detailUntitled (Diamond Shield 1)Untitled (Diamond Shield 1) detailUntitled (Diamond Shield 2)Untitled (Diamond Shield 2) detailButsadan ShieldButsadan Shield (detail)Bronze CircleBlue and Silver ShieldBlue and Silver Shield (detail)Maroon ShieldMaroon Shield (detail)BRONZE SHIELDBRONZE SHIELD (detail)SILVER SHIELDSILVER SHIELD (detail)MARBLE SHIELDMARBLE SHIELD (detail)SAND SHIELDSAND SHIELD (detail)WHITE SHIELDWHITE SHIELD (detail)BLACK SHIELDBLACK SHIELD (detail)
NYC WORKS 1986-88
The earliest works incorporating hand-torn paper fragments as a low-relief, textural material.